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Shri Gokulnathji

Shri Gokulnathji

Shri Gusainji's fourth son's (lalji) name is Shri Gokulnathji.  Aapshri was born (prakatya) in Adel, 1608 Magshar Sud Satamne on Thursday. Aapshri was called by everyone in his home by the name of  "Vallabh". Right from his childhood Aapshri was a very knowledgeable child.  Shri Gusainji had offered him Shri Gokulnathji Thakorjini Seva. Shri Gokulnathji Thakorjini seva was done by 4th kumar of Shri Gusainji -- Shri Gokulnathji.
In our Pushtimarg respectfully we know him as "Mala Tilak na Rakshanhar (Protector)" and we offer him Dandavat with full Bhaktibhav.
Shri Gokulnathji has written many Granths in Sanskrit and Vrajbhasha. Granths written in Sanskrit were mostly based Tikas on Granths written by Shri Mahaprabhuji and Shri Gusainji whereas 18 Granths written in Vrajbhasha were done by Shri Gokulnathji.

Following are the names of 18 Granths written in Vrajbhasha by Shri Gokulnathji :
(1) Rahasyabhavna
(2) Bhavbhavna
(3) Sevabhavna
(4) Khatrutubhavna
(5) Hansyaprasang
(6) Vachanamrut
(7) Swarup Bhavna
(8) Lila Bhavna
(9) Nijvarta
Shri Gokulnathji - also known by the name of "Sahitya Pita - Father of Sahitya in Vrajbhasha". In Pushtimarg, Aapshri initiated writing of Sahityas in Vrajbhasha and since 400 years Sahitya composed by him like 84 & 252 Vaishnavki Varta, HansyaPrasang, Baithak Charitra, and other Vaarta Granths is read in Daily Bhagvad Satsang by all Vaishnavs.

(10) Gharuvarta
(11) Baithak Charitra
(12) Shri Acharyajini Pragatya Varta
(13) Shri Gusainjini Nijvarta
(14) Shri Gopinathjini Varta
(15) 84 (Choriasi) Vaishnavki Varta
(16) 252 (Doso Bavan) Vaishnavki Varta
(17) Bhavsindhu
(18) Shrinathjini Pragatya Varta
Shri Gokulnathji also composed many Padas. Shri Gokulnathji once also travelled in Gujarat and a very good explaination of His travel is explained in "Gujarat Tarang" by a Vaishnav named GopaldasBhai. In Gujarat, Shri Gokulnathji's Baithak is in Asaarva and Godhra. Even in Gokul, inside Shri Gokulnathji Thakorji's Mandir, Aapshrini Baithak Biraje Che.

Shri Gokulnathji's Sevaks had Very Strong GuruBhav and Bhagvad Bhav. Vaishnavs were always impressed and Aapshri's Vachanamrut accompanied with powerful expressions had a big impact on Vaishnavs. Result, all the Sevaks had strong and Ananya Bhav towards their Guru.
On Samvant 1697 Maha Vad Nomno Divas, Aapshri at the age of 89, Lilapravesh kayro. HIS 78 Sevaks suffered intense pain of Separation and in this condition of Separation (Virha), their divine souls also departed from their bodies and followed their Guru. Sevaks always had Bhagvadbhav towards Aapshri and they always called Aapshri by the name of "Shriji".
We respectfully offer Dandavat to Shri Gokulnathji also known as Protector of Mala and Tilak and dutifully every morning we should never forget to do Tilak.

Shree Krishna Sharanam Mam