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Shri Gokulnathji

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84 Vaishnavki Vaarta

Shri Mahaprabhuji

Shri Mahaprabhuji founder of Bhaktimarg (Pushtimarg) our Gurudev and one of the ways we can make our Gurudev happy is by praising 84 and 252 Vaishnavs who attained the highest fruits of Bhaktimarg. With this Bhav it is an effort to translate 84 Vaishnavki Vaarta in English and publish on a website especially for the Bhagavadi Jeevs for whom language is a barrier. If you like the translation then it is by the grace of Shri Mahaprabhuji and if you come across any errors/mistakes it is because of me and kindly forgive me for any mistakes.
84 Vaishnavni Vaarta - Brief Introduction : In our Pushti Sampradaya, just for the upbringing of Pushti(Daivi) souls, Shri Mahaprabhuji graced them by coming to earth. Shri Mahaprabhuji in his whole lifetime had Graced and performed Brahma Sambandh to many pushti souls and many Vaishnavs also became Aapshri's sevaks too but out of them 84 Sevaks were Nirgun Bhakta. 84 Vaishnavki Vaarta are the stories about this 84 Nirgun Sevaks.  
Shri Gokulnathji - 4th Kumar of Shri Gusainji in his daily Vachanamrut would describe the various Seva Bhavanas and Vaishnavta of 84 and 252 Vaishnavs. Aapshri's sevaks while listening made a collection of all His Vachanamruts and all the compilings of Prasangs gave rise to 84 and 252 Vaishnavki Vaarta Granth.
We are Vallabhi Vaishnav and one of the easy ways to learn the secrets of Pushtimarg principles is by reading 84 and 252 Vaishnavni Vaarta and also Shodash Grantha and Shri Harirai Mahaprabhujina Shikshapatra.
So now we do Dandavat to our Gurudev Shri Mahaprabhuji and try to understand the Pushtimarga Principles and various Bhavs through 84 (choriasi) Vaisnavki Vaarta:
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Vaarta 1 - 7

Readers are strongly encouraged to read 84 Vaishnavki Vaarta books which will help you understand in more depth and also do regular Satsang with other Vaishnavs on this stories. If any difficulty in understanding the Bhav behind any story always ask your Gurudev.

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